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Are you wondering about something related to our tickets, your museum visit or our exhibitions? We’ve gathered some answers to frequently asked questions on this page.

Information for your visit to Amos Rex: Museum visit during COVID-19


You can buy tickets to Amos Rex both online and at the door. We sell tickets through our online shop. By buying a ticket in advance, you can avoid queues and get to see the exhibition at a time of your choosing.

The ticket should be purchased through our online shop at least 2 hours before your visit. Tickets can also be purchased at the door, but be prepared to wait in line.

Tickets and opening hours.

Buy tickets in advance.

If your party arrives at Amos Rex with tickets purchased online in advance, those under 18 should also have an advance ticket. Select a children’s ticket (0–17 years) 0,00 €. Those under 18 can always visit Amos Rex for free.

Yes, you can visit with the Museum Card. If needed, the museum card can be purchased or renewed upon arrival.

We recommend that also those with a Museum Card get tickets in advance. Select the Museum Card ticket 0,00 € from the online shop.

Without an advance ticket, you may have to queue at the door.

Book a visit.

Don’t come to the museum sick, or if you believe you have been exposed to a virus.

In case of illness you can change the arrival time of the ticket or you can get a refund for tickets bought in advance. Send us a message at before the time marked in your ticket.

The ticketing system created due to the COVID-19 situation still consumes a large amount of our resources and we are therefore unable to handle changes at this time. We are developing our system to make the exchanges possible in the future. If you can’t arrive at the time marked on your ticket, you can give the ticket to a friend.

Please note that if you do not have full-price ticket, but the ticket belongs to a discount group, the person who uses the ticket must also have a valid card entitling to the discount, eg. a Museum Card or a student card.

Yes. Tickets are also sold at the door, but be prepared to queue. By buying a ticket in advance, you can avoid queues and visit the museum at the time of your choosing. We warmly recommend you get your tickets in advance online.

Buy tickets in advance.

Tickets for the Subterranean exhibition are sold in batches:

On 12 April, tickets go on sale for visits through the end of May
On 3 May, tickets go on sale for visits through 23 June (Midsummer’s Eve).
On 31 May, tickets go on sale for visits through 21 August.

The half-hour you selected may also be full. There may still be tickets available for another time or day. Some tickets are reserved for sale at the door.

Amos Rex is closed on Tuesdays. See our opening hours and exceptions: Amos Rex’s opening hours

The tickets are selected for a certain day, and the arrival time has a thirty-minute range. You can arrive at any time during the 30 minutes following your time of visit, i.e. between 11.00 am – 11.30 am. You will receive the day’s entrance sticker in exchange for the advance ticket at the cashier.

Please note: The final hour of the day is an exception, as the museum closes. During the last of the day, the ticket should be picked up no later than 45 minutes before closing time (weekdays by 7.15 pm, Sat-Sun by 4.15 pm).

Yes. Amos Rex presents Subterranean group exhibition 2 April–21 August, 2022 as well as the permanent showing of the Sigurd Frosterus collection.

Tadashi Kawamata’s outdoor exhibition and sculptural installation The Nest will be on display on the Lasipalatsi (Glass Palace) Square 7 May–4 Sept. 2022. No tickets are required.

Visiting Amos Rex

There is a recommended direction for moving through Subterranean exhibition. You can find it in the exhibition brochure on site and online here:

Gallery Guide for Subterranean

If any section is crowded, you can easily deviate from the route. However, please note the entry and exit directions of each room.

You may stay as long as you like! There is no restriction on the length of a visit.

Please note:
The final hour of the day is an exception, as visitors must leave when the museum closes. A ticket for the last hour of the day must be redeemed no later than 45 minutes before the museum closes (weekdays at 7.15 pm, Sat–Sun at 4.15 pm).

Yes! A few of the works might be challenging, or require special preparation. Read more detailed content warnings here: Detailed information to help you plan your visit

Read more on our page for visiting with children:


Taking photos without a flash is allowed. Please be mindful of other visitors – many are disturbed by the bright light on a mobile phone screen. So kindly dim the screen of your phone, and be sure to turn off the flash when taking a video as well.

Shooting with a camera tripod without permission is prohibited. For filming permission, please contact Amos Rex Communications: Marketing and Communications

You are not allowed to carry large bags and wear a backpack in the exhibition to ensure the safety of the works. No matter how careful you are, there’s a chance of knocking into something with a big bag, without even noticing it. By leaving backpacks and bags stored in the free lockers, we can prevent situations that might endanger the valuable objects in the exhibition.

Even small backpacks may not be worn on one’s back in the exhibition. They must be either worn in front or carried by hand.

Read our museum rules.

Visitors are not allowed to eat or drink in the exhibition to ensure the safety of the works. Liquids, food and even greasy fingertips can endanger valuable works.

Read our museum rules.

Yes. There is also a child-care room next to the lockers.

Exhibition information is available in Finnish, Swedish and English for Subterranean and Tadashi Kawamata: The Nest. Many of our staff also speak other languages, as indicated on their staff badges.

Groups can also book guided tours in Russian, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Japanese.

Tadashi Kawamata’s The Nest cannot be entered or climbed on. You can see the work best from Lasipalatsi (Glass Palace) Square or from the upper floors of neighbouring buildings, for instance.

Read more about the work: Tadashi Kawamata: The Nest

Amos Rex is accessible. An accessible entrance with automatic doors is situated on the Lasipalatsi Square side. The main doors on Mannerheimintie are heavy and are not automatic.

The exhibition can be reached by accessible elevators. The doors in the exhibition halls are automatic, and there are no steps or thresholds in the interior spaces. Accessible toilets are available on the exhibition level, -1.

Amos Rex accepts the EU Disability Card.

More information on the museum’s accessibility: Accessibility.

See also:
Autism-friendly guidelines for visiting Amos Rex
Plan a visit: Exhibition-specific information

Only Amos Rex’s own guides are allowed to do guided tours in the museum.

You may book a visit to the exhibition for your group without a guided tour. Please note that members of the group cannot carry out their own tours during an independent visit – any guided tours of your own are to be done before or after the exhibition visit.

Book a guided tour.

Visiting the museum during COVID-19

We do not at the moment ask for the COVID-19 passport. Due to the new recommendations in Southern Finland, COVID-19 passport is suspended for the moment.

We do not require wearing a facemask at the moment. But if the museum is full and you can’t keep a safe distance to others, we recommend wearing it.

Read our guidelines for a museum visit during COVID-19.

Guided tours and group visits

You can book a guide for your own group (1-15 people) either by filling out the inquiry form on our website or by contacting the Amos Rex guide booking by mail or phone.

You can find available guided tours here: Events at Amos Rex

Yes. When planning a self-guided group visit to Amos Rex, you can inquire about the time of the visit by contacting the guide booking service:
tel. 09 6844 4633, open Mon, Wed and Thu 1-4 pm

More information about school and preschool visits: Schools and preschools

No. Only Amos Rex’s own guides may guide groups at the museum.

If you are visiting the museum with your group, you may not guide the group at the museum. Any guidance must be done before or after visiting the museum. We are happy to provide guidance for your group in various languages.

For more information:

We offer guided tours in Finnish, Swedish and English, and on request in Russian, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

Read more about guided tours: Guided Tours

tel. 09 6844 4633, open Mon, Wed and Thu 1-4 pm

Customer service

Customer Service
tel. 09 6844 460
Open Monday to Friday from 1 pm to 2 pm

Information for your visit to Amos Rex: