Art Workshop

Art workshops are not organised at the moment due to the current COVID-19 situation.

According to ancient Egyptian beliefs, the star-crossed and protective goddess Nut lives in the sky. Nut swallows the sun, and in the mornings, gives birth to it again. This is how day turns into night and night into day again.

At the art workshop of the Egypt of Glory exhibition, we will seek inspiration from ancient Egyptian stories, characters, and beliefs and create our own, modern protection amulet. You can take the amulet home or give it to someone important. The art workshop guide encourages participants to explore and consider ancient gods and demons, worldviews, and myths. What feels completely strange? Where can you find familiar and relatable points? What can you apply from ancient Egyptian ways of thinking?

The art workshop is suitable for all ages, its content tailored to the needs of each group. The workshop consists of creative work and a guided visit to the exhibition.

Come and join us on this magical journey!

Duration 1,5 h
Languages Finnish, Swedish, English
Group size Max 6 people / guide recommended
Price 250 € (only on weekdays) + museum tickets




It is not possible to book parties at the moment, due to the coronavirus situation.

Duration 2 h
Languages Finnish, Swedish, English
Group size Max 10 persons / guide
Adults 300 € (only on weekdays) + museum tickets


Danske Bank <3 Studio Rex

As main partner Danske Bank enables the Studio Rex art workshop. Studio Rex is situated in the centre of the museum. It’s a safe space, where visitors can take a deeper plunge into the exhibitions through art workshops, have fun in bookable parties and take part in various events and occasions.

Studio Rex aims to make art easier to approach – an aspiration that is close to the heart for both Amos Rex and Danske Bank!