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Henry Moore’s world-famous work “Moon Head” is donated to Föreningen Konstsamfundet – the sculpture will find its new home in Lasipalatsi in Helsinki

The sculpture will be part of Konstsamfundet’s art collection, which is managed by Amos Rex.

Moon Head is considered one of Henry Moore’s masterpieces. A total of eight copies of the sculpture have been made in bronze, one of which will now be placed in Lasipalatsi in Helsinki. The artwork is donated to Konstsamfundet by the Revell family, who brought it to Finland in the 1960s.

One of the great names in Finnish architecture, Viljo Revell, fell in love with the sculpture during a visit to Henry Moore’s Studio in London in 1964. After Revell’s death the same year, his family decided to buy the sculpture and place it at Viljo’s grave in Vaasa.

Due to Finland’s climate, the plan was never fulfilled, and the sculpture was kept indoors by the Revell family, says Viljo’s daughter Kati Revell-Nielsen.

“It just remained in my mother’s home, and when my mother had passed away, it came to my home. And that’s where it’s been ever since.”

To secure the future of the sculpture, the family decided to donate it to Konstsamfundet.

“We wanted to know what will happen to the sculpture, and above all we wanted to keep it in Finland. We certainly couldn’t imagine selling it.”

Moon Head will finally get a dignified home with Konstsamfundet, says Kati Revell-Nielsen. Not least because her father Viljo was one of the three architects who designed Lasipalatsi in 1935.

“Given that Lasipalatsi, which was one of my father’s first projects, and certainly the first major project, had recently been renovated, we thought it would be a very good place.”

Henry Moore and Moon Head

  • Henry Spencer Moore was an English artist who lived 1898 – 1986
  • He’s known for his bronze sculptures which are located around the world as public works of art, for example the sculpture Three Way Piece No.2 located outside Toronto City Hall.
  • His masterpiece Moon Head goes back to the year 1964
  • A total of eight copies of Moon Head was made in bronze
  • The size of Moon Head: 578 x 442 x 255 mm