As part of the multi-disciplinary exhibition Generation 2020, you can experience performative works that live in the moment. These works occupy an area somewhere between contemporary theatre, performing arts and other performance art, and emphasise the encounter between artist and audience.

Soyoung Chung: The Eraser

This work, which takes place inside a toilet stall, in a way insults everyone who dares to enter; each is bullied in turn. The Eraser is based on the artist’s personal experiences from her school days. During the exhibition, it deepens into performances that take place in the moment with audience participation, as well as into a documentation video that is shown over the washbasin. Word by word, the insults too are wiped away like dirt, by an eraser that is the same as all those years ago.

Soyoung Chung (b.1996)
The Eraser, 2018
installation, performance, dokumentation video
30 min
The installation and the documentation of the performance is on view for the entire duration of the exhibition.

Birit Haarla: Cradle

My name is Čiske Jovsset Biret Hánsa Outi Biret. I am a student at P.A.R.T.S. – Performing Arts Research and Training Studios in Brussels. In the carefreeness, timelessness and lulling motherly care of The Cradle rests a radical softness. The work is an awakening from a catnap: states of sleep and wakefulness are intertwined. The work encourages the viewer to share this intimate experience and explore how it could redefine our relationship with other people.

Birit Haarla (s.2000)
Cradle, 2019
dance piece
8 min
dancers: Katja Haarla, Isabella Nevanlinna, Aino Louhivaara, Sofia Ruija
music: Alban Berg: 3 Pieces for Orchestra op. 6:3 March, Zbigniev Preisner: Finale

Veera Huppunen & Lotta Ilonen: Home

Our work is like a two-headed goat. One head is constantly aiming for the woods, the other aims high, level with the roofs. The conflict between these heads has produced a corpse. There are ribs, lungs, a nervous system and at least one ear. It’s not mute, just lacking in confidence; it’s an anarchic, questioning, and humorously sneering conflict. The heads make a pact, one picks up a violin and the other a pile of papers, and then the goat enters the stage.

Veera Huppunen & Lotta Ilonen (s. 2001)
Home, 2019
poetic soundscape
15 min
musicians: Darja Gustafsson, violin, Julie Svacinová, viola, Eero-Pekka Salervo, cello, Miro von Konow, drums

Siiri Karhapää: A man who peed on my cat

I write freeform poetry. The inspiration for my poems comes
from surrealism and also from my own dreams, from visions
that have stirred me and from the real world around us. My poems are like my children. You can hide an endless amount of invisible information in them.

Siiri Karhapää (s.1998)
A man who peed on my cat
poetry readings
25 min

photo: Samuel Kujala

Mikko Kauppila: My Horse Queer

I’m interested in gender and its bodily possibilities in dramatic art. I study queer stage tactics,
and my proposal for carrying this out is the perverted being. My Horse Queer participates in outlining the perverted being. The being is both political fiction and lived reality. It is not a man, white, middle-class; the perverted being is a dispersing crowd.

Mikko Kauppila (s.1995)
My Horse Queer, 2018
performing arts
30 min

Nooa Kekoni & Jessica Piasecki: GORS

We got to know each other as students of dance and art at the Theatre Academy. We want to work in ways that we won’t regret later. A healthy process has been the starting point for all of our projects – we inevitably create a continuum for our working culture. We value shared rules, frivolity and working at full steam.

Nooa Kekoni & Jessica Piasecki (s. 1995 & 1997)
GORS, 2020
Game performance in Studio Rex on August 19.- 23.
Working group: Leevi Kekoni, Nooa Kekoni, Antti Kemppainen, Lea Lintula, Evan Miller, Jessica Piasecki

Oskari Kymäläi­nen: Dave is mis­be­hav­ing & Study of Movement 2

With my works for this exhibition, I seek to illustrate everyday emotions and emotional states from my world. I’ve tried to approach the different themes from more or less personal viewpoints. If viewers can use the work to reflect on their own world, it has
been a success.

Oskari Kymäläinen (s. 1999)

Dave is misbehaving
dance piece
dancers: Oskari Kymäläinen & Isabella Nevanlinna
music: a scene from the film Space Odyssey

Study of Movement 2
dance piece
9 min
dancers: Isabella Nevanlinna, Heini Hermunen, Elle Turunen, Anna Skibjuk
music: René Aubry: Replay, Heinali: II

Ainu Kyrönsep­pä: String

I’m a dancer, artist, enthusiast, creator. I create intuitive movement and I enjoy challenging the eye of the viewer as well as the performer’s body in the surrounding space. The movement, spur of the moment, freedom and cleverness – triggered by an emotion – are titillating. In my solo piece, I explore communication and contact between the body and light.

A lingering moment. Stay and move after all, Towards the light.

Ainu Kyrönseppä (b.2000)
String, 2020
dance art
15 min
lighting design: Ainu Palmu
music: Skee Mask: Cerroverb, Jon Hopkins: Neon pattern drum

Ville Lau­rinkos­ki: TELENY

The performance as a part of this work takes place in a moment and circles around the installation, while the objects within it remain in place as if anchored, or as a memory of the body and motion that was just there. Through their unrecognisability and detachment, these objects generate new experiences that either revert or don’t revert to the feminine boy figure, the twink, who moves through the performance’s queer imagery. The body and identity, which are in flux, shine through the strata, which range from literature and visual culture to art history, autobiographies and popular culture.

Ville Laurinkoski (s. 1996)
TELENY, 2018-2020
language English
performance, installation
The installation is on view for the entire duration of the exhibition.

Sara-Maria Pirhonen & Nenna Tyni: Moment 2.0

Clowns are characters that are impertinent and forthright, they say uncomfortable things out loud without caring about the consequences. They work against learned and established approaches. In the exhibition the artists have put the forthnight nature of clowns on a collision course with our daily lives.

Sara-Maria Pirhonen & Nenna Tyni (b.1994 & 1995)
Moment 2.0, 2020
clownery performance
duration TBA
costumes and makeup: Riina Nieminen

Kaisa Syrjänen & Maija Viipuri: Lovely?

We explore the relationship between image, movement and physicality. What is the physical experience of being under society’s gaze? How does it feel?

I forget that I’m a breathing pile of matter, because I keep staring at myself objectively through the eyes of others. What is the significance of internal awareness in a world that idealizes the body as an object and privileges the gaze? Who am I, when I look like this in an image?

Kaisa Syrjänen & Maija Viipuri (b. 1997)
Lovely?, 2019
Performing arts & installation
30 min
The installation is on view for the entire duration of the exhibition.

Alma Äijö: Young Mind

Dance is my passion – it enables me to express a variety of things. With my piece Young Mind, I incorporate dance into the exhibition. I connect with the space, other works, the viewers and myself. I believe that dance can provide new perspectives on the works. The piece consists of two parts. In the first part, movement takes place around other works. The second part focuses on breaking through the protective barrier, and on young people relating to themselves.

Alma Äijö (b.2004)
Young Mind, 2020
dance art
10 min
music: Christophe Filippi: Le Voyage, Christophe Filippi: Patterns, Ólafur Arnalds: This Place Was A Shelter