The darkest time of the year has arrived. Traditionally, this has been seen as the point when the veil between life and death is lifted. On the last day of October, ancient Egypt and the beliefs that inspired its popular culture come to life at the Bio Rex movie hall. Come and experience the mummy’s curse and the sharpest edge of a horror film on Egypt. Complete the experience with a nightly visit to the Egypt of Glory exhibition – the museum is open until midnight!

At the start of the films, Egyptologist Mia Meri, who was involved in the production of the Egypt of Glory exhibition, gives practical tips for viewing the film. What is historically accurate, and what has been excavated strictly from the vaults of the imagination?

According to Celtic tradition, terrifying costumes frighten evil spirits away. In the spirit of this tradition, we encourage the audience to dress in honour of the theme. The best costumes will receive prizes!

OBS: Do remember to be respectful and only wear an outfit that is not insulting to any group or culture.

Day film 
3pm: An egyptologist’s prologue to the film
3:30pm–5:30pm: The Mummy, 1999

Evening films 
6pm Egyptologist speaks: prologues to the films and outfit prizes
6:30pm The Mummy, 1959
8:30pm The Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers, 2019
11pm Bubba Ho-Tep, 2002

The museum is open until midnight!


The event is carried out in collaboration with the Night Visions International Film Festival. It is the biggest festival in Finland to focus on fantasy, horror, science fiction, and action cinema, and also the biggest genre film festival in Scandinavia. More detailed descriptions of the films can be found on the festival website.

10 €/film, including a visit to the exhibition until midnight
Or 25 €/three evening films, including a visit to the exhibition until midnight
The films are free for visitors under 18s – book the cinema ticket!

3:30pm TheMummy
USA 1999. 125 min. 

The Mummy is a US adventure film directed by Stephen Sommers, which premiered in 1999. It is a remake of the 1932 film starring Boris Karloff. In the film, adventurer Rick O’Connell and his party travel to the city of the dead, Hamunaptra. As they hunt for a glorious treasure from the tales, they mistakenly awaken the mummy of the high priest Imhotep, releasing a 3,000-year-old curse that rests upon him. Starring: Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo, Jonathan Hyde and Kevin J. O’Connor.  

Age limit: 12
Language: English, subtitles in Finnish and Swedish

6:30pm The Mummy 
United Kingdom 1959. 88 min.

The first mummy adventure from Europe’s most famous horror studio Hammer features the studio’s iconic horror faces Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Director Terence Fisher is remembered for a group of his other Hammer classics (including Horror of Dracula, The Curse of Frankenstein, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Devil Rides Out). The Finnish Board of Film Classification classified The Mummy as too raw for Finnish audiences in 1960, banning it entirely from the big screen.

Age limit: 16
Language: English, no subtitles

8:30pm The Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers  
Egypt 2019. 129 min.

The all-time most viewed film in Egypt last year, Blue Elephant: Dark Whispers, is a big-budget horror-thriller with fantasy episodes that border on David Lynch’s surrealist style. Director Marwan Hamed’s previous merits include the art-house hit The Yacoubian Building (2006), which earned him the Best New Narrative Director prize at Tribeca Film Festival.

Age limit: 16
Language: Arabic, subtitles in English

11pm Bubba Ho-Tep  
USA 2002. 92 min.

The Evil Dead superstar Bruce Campbell is the other lead in this astonishingly original mummy horror film. His character is a man in a nursing home, convinced that he is Elvis Presley. The film has been directed by the independent horror legend Don Coscarelli (Phantasm film series, John Dies at the End), who also wrote the script of the movie on the basis of a short story by the master of horror literature Joe R. Lansdale.

Age limit: 16
Language: English, no subtitles