The exhibition experience expands with a spell workshop and a feature film!

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians practiced magic? Real ancient spellbooks are on view at the Amos Rex exhibition, and on Kid’s Saturday you can make your own contemporary spells! It’s best to work on spells with someone who can write, but otherwise the workshop has no age-limit.

The film Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, 2002 will be screened in Bio Rex cinema at 3pm. Age limit 7 yrs (5-year old children together with adults)

In the popular French film Asterix and Obelix, known for their magic potion, are summoned to Egypt to help Cleopatra building an enourmous palace. The film has Finnish and Swedish subtitles.

Bio Rex foyer & cinema

Workshop 1–2.45pm (nonstop). No prior registration acquired.
Film 3pm. Duration: 107 min

The programme is free for visitors under 18s – book the cinema ticket!
Cinema tickets for adults: 5 €

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