Art Workshop

Words on art or word art? The alphabet consists of 29 single letters, which alone rarely signify a great deal. Combining just a few, however, can result in important meanings and great feelings. In the same manner as materials are combined, a great artwork is created.

The Generation 2020 exhibition addresses a range of big topics and emotions. What happens when we express with words what art awakens in us? Is it a reaction in itself, and can it be illustrated with words?

In the art workshop, we explore the life cycle of the works: how an idea is born and transformed into art, and how a work is conveyed as a thought to the viewer.

The instructed session includes creating word art and a visit to the exhibition.

The art workshop is suitable for all groups, from kindergarten ages to secondary school students. Our guides will adjust the content of the workshops according to each group.

Duration 90 min
Languages Finnish, Swedish, English
Group size 1 class / guide (if the class has over 25 students, we recommend two guides)
Price 70 € (Weekdays only)



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Art Testers

Generation 2020 is a part of the national Art Testers initiative. For the third year running, the huge initiative has involved all of Finland’s eighth-graders in experiencing culture around the country. Amos Rex has invited approximately 1 600 art testers to alter and shape artist Minea Lång’s artwork FOCT (Future of Collective Thinking). During March and April, museum visitors can watch how Art Testers shape the artwork. See the Art Testers reviews.

Planning an Art Testers visit? Continue here:

Art Testers virtual visit

The the artwork is about changing viewpoints on reality, providing the art testers and their views on art space and power in an otherwise strictly curated museum environment.

Project group: Heidi Bergström, Niko Hallikainen, Matias Heinonen, Minea Lång, Reino Pirttijärvi, Paavo Räihä, Lotta Räsänen, Maija Suominen, Topias Toppinen

The project group thanks: Punavuoren Rauta Oy, Otto Färm, Juuso Pikkarainen, Anna Kirvesniemi, Amy Burgess / Podify, Mediastadi, TeaK / VÄS

Danske Bank <3 Studio Rex

As main partner Danske Bank enables the Studio Rex art workshop. Studio Rex is situated in the centre of the museum. It’s a safe space, where visitors can take a deeper plunge into the exhibitions through art workshops, have fun in bookable parties and take part in various events and occasions.

Studio Rex aims to make art easier to approach – an aspiration that is close to the heart for both Amos Rex and Danske Bank!