Ars Fennica Visitors’ Choice

During the Ars Fennica exhibition, Studio Rex art workshop will be the arena of a public vote. The vote will take place as a marble race. Each visitor has one vote.

Studio Rex is also a great spot to hang out, bring your own snacks, sketch your ideas, contemplate for a moment… even make new friends around art!

Art workshops

Art workshops can be booked again from October onward, during the Birger Carlstedt exhibition.

At the art workshop, you will get to deepen your exhibition experience through your own art. Workshops last for 1.5 hours and include working in Studio Rex as well as visiting the exhibition with the guidance of one of Amos Rex’s guides. Art workshops are suitable for all ages and available in Finnish, Swedish and English.



Danske Bank <3 Studio Rex

As main partner Danske Bank enables the Studio Rex art workshop. Studio Rex is situated in the centre of the museum. It’s a safe space, where visitors can take a deeper plunge into the exhibitions through art workshops, have fun in bookable parties and take part in various events and occasions.

Studio Rex aims to make art easier to approach – an aspiration that is close to the heart for both Amos Rex and Danske Bank!