A summer guest is moving into Amos Rex’s courtyard and is looking for furniture for their new nest.

Maybe the old one became too cramped, or they were just attracted by Amos Rex’s domes and city views. To help them move in and settle down, we are teaming up with the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre (Kierrätyskeskus) to collect wooden furniture – tables, chests of drawers, shelves, sauna benches, broken or intact – as building material for the nest. Help us and the Reuse Centre find construction materials for the new nest.

Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata’s outdoor work The Nest, built out of recycled materials, will be on display on the Lasipalatsi roof and rear courtyard during the summer of 2022. To construct the work, we are looking for wooden furniture that can be recycled.

Drop off for donations

Materials are being collected at the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre (Kierrätyskeskus) in Kyläsaari (Hermanni). Items can be dropped off at the Kyläsaari Reuse Centre during its regular opening hours.
We are collecting items until April 14.

Please drop off donations at:
Kyläsaari Reuse Centre (Kyläsaaren Kierrätyskeskus)
Kyläsaarenkatu 8, Helsinki
Mon–Fri 9 am – 9 pm,
Sat–Sun 10 am – 6 pm

We’re happy to accept wooden items such as: 

✓ Dining tables, desks and nightstands
✓ Chests of drawers, sideboards, dressers
✓ Children’s beds, cribs, bunk beds
✓ Chairs, rocking chairs
✓ Cupboards, bookshelves and other shelves
✓ TV stands, sofa tables and coffee tables
✓ Garden furniture and sauna benches

Items should be unpainted but may be varnished or stained.
Furniture does not need to be in good condition – items that are scratched or broken can be used.

Amos Rex and the Reuse Centre will select items that are suitable for Kawamata’s work. The rest of the items will continue their journey: those in saleable condition will go to the Reuse Centre shop, those that can be recycled will go to the material recycling centre and the rest will go to energy production.

The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre (Kierrätyskeskus) is an exhibition partner.