Söder­långvik Villa & Museum in Kemiön­saari

Amos Anderson’s Söderlångvik villa and museum is open again after an hiatus of two years. This hidden gem lies in Kemiö just 170 kilometres from Helsinki in archipelago milieu amid one of the biggest applegroves in Finland. Now meticulously restored, the building showcases a selection of works from Amos Rex’s modern art collection, set amid Amos Anderson’s original interiors. The place breathes with the atmosphere of the 1930’s when Anderson converted the nineteenth-century country house into an Italian-style classicist villa.

To celebrate the re-opening of Söderlångvik’s main building, the museum presents the exhibition Through New Eyes. It features more than 100 Finnish paintings and sculptures from the Amos Rex collection, mostly from the first half of the twentieth century. The works in the exhibition have been carefully chosen to suit the atmosphere and interior design of each room. The artists include Sigrid Schauman, Rafael Wardi, Sulho Sipilä, Santeri Salokivi, Ragnar Ekelund, Alvar Cawén and Ellen Thesleff.

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