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Amos Rex Shop is a bridge between the world underneath the Amos Rex mounds and your everyday life. Deepen your experience, learn new things or take the world of the exhibition home with you. It does not have to be about buying – come and be inspired by our book selection, discover something pretty and nice or simply enjoy the collection of art magazines for everyone!

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Amos Rex Art Museum – JKMM Architects

“It is a landmark of the best kind: not necessarily the tallest or grandest, but smart and versatile, a place to want to return to time and time again”, writes Gunvor Kronman, CEO of Hanaholemn.

Since its opening, the Amos Rex Art Museum, designed by JKMM architects, has been a great public and architectural success. It is tucked away underground in the ancient glass palace in the heart of central Helsinki.

Through its architecture, it has set new boundaries for what a museum can and should be. With its huge arched exhibition halls and eye-catching lanterns that make it feel as though it is above ground, the building never fails to surprise.

Amos Rex Art Museum – JKMM Architects is an in-depth study and a close-up of Amos Rex through texts and commentary, sketches and photographs. In English. Sold at Amos Rex Shop at the museum and online.

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Epilog – A Poster for the ex­hi­bi­tion Blick

What could we create together?

When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, long-time friends Raija Malka and Kaija Saariaho exceptionally ended up as neighbours. During the long days of the pandemic Saariaho started composing, bringing the sheet music to her friend Raija Malka’s door. Inspired by the exchange, Malka painted with gouaches her own interpretation of Saariaho’s musical notes.

Out of this exchange of artistic notes, came to be a series of diptychs and Epilog, the sixth part of Blick. The poster portrays a diptych from the Epilog series. Sold at Amos Rex Shop at the museum & online