Amos Rex offers one-of-a-kind and surprising experiences and encounters, and now the museum shop also continues the exhibition experience.

The museum shop is open:

Mon–Fri 10 am – 5 pm

Amos Rex is closed until Jan 31th 2021.

Will anything good happen in 2020?

Our new museum shop may not be the first on the list of things we need this year – but if we can help make 2020 a little better with our new shop, great – now if ever is the time for small pleasures in life.

What's happening here?

Our museum shop is a bridge between the world underneath the Amos Rex mounds and your everyday life. Deepen your experience, learn new things or take the world of the exhibition home with you. It does not have to be about buying – come and be inspired by our book selection, loan a kite to fly above the mounds or simply enjoy the collection of art magazines for everyone!

What do we really need?

At our museum shop, we want to offer items and experiences that make your life better. You know it best – what do you need?