Published June 3rd 2020

This last week, USA and the rest of the world has been filled with sorrow, pain, despair and anger. However, the last thousands of years have been, for a big part of humankind, filled with sorrow, pain, despair and anger. Museums are places where history is preserved and shown, and much of that history is painful and corrupt. Much of that history is painted white.

Art institutions, like us, have a long way to go. Museums and their collections are not free from the racism of the surrounding societies that form them. Things must change on a wider and deeper scale. But we genuinely want to be a part of that change. And we want to encourage everyone to be a part of the change.

Amos Rex is a discrimination free zone, 365 days a year. Period. Our core beliefs are also that a strong organization can handle criticism. Can handle looking into itself, and check what can and needs to be improved. And that it can improve, learn, unlearn and listen. Can do better. We all can, and we must.

Black Lives Matter.

Read the ICOM (International Council of Museums) release