On this page you find fun tasks to do together when visiting Amos Rex.

Amos Rex Generation 2020 näyttely tekemistä Helsinki

Generation 2020

Task 1: Generation 2023

The Generation exhibition is arranged every three years, and it has an open call for artists aged 15–23. The next Generation will take place in three years. If you were to apply, what kind of work would you submit?

Either alone, in pairs or small groups, come up with a work proposal. Consider at least the following factors:

What is the work about, what is its theme or specific subject?
Material or technique, how has the work been made?
What size is it, and how is it displayed in the space?
How will you present the idea for the work?

P.S. If you’d like, you can tell to our proposal to our conversational guides in the exhibition space.

Task 2: Getting emotional

One of the tasks of art is to stir emotions in the viewer. The works of the Generation 2020 exhibition are sometimes very loaded and may produce different atmospheres: laughter, sorrow, anxiety, annoyance etc.

  • Which emotions do you feel in the exhibition and why?
  • Can you put them into words?
  • If you don’t feel anything, why is that?

You can whisper your emotions to Ou. Eather to that Ou that can be found in the exhibition leaflet, in the entrance sticker or to Ou, that can be borrowed from the cloakroom to take along to your museum visit. You can channel your emotions by squeezing, scratching or petting Ou, but not throwing.

Task 3: MuseumTube

Select one or several video pieces, which you will watch in their entirety during the visit – either once or more, depending on the duration of the pieces. Make notes if you complete the task individually or verbalise your observations together out loud if you move around as a group:

  • What is taking place in the video?
  • Who has made it?
    Who/what is performed in the video?
  • What would the video piece look like as e.g. a painting or sculpture, or some other form?

Magnus Enckell, Poikia rannalla, 1910.

Collection Hall

Task 1: The contemporary art from the past

The Sigurd Frosterus room has a very different atmosphere from the main exhibition.

  • Choose your favourite work (alone or in the group) and find out how old the artist was when creating the artwork.
  • All art has once been contemporary art, how does the Modernist style (displayed in the collection hall) differ from today’s visual arts?

Task 2: From points to a portrait

Choose a pontillistic painting and look at it first close up (Be aware of the safe distance, that should be kept approximately one meter away from the art piece).

Below you can see an example of the pointillistic style. What kind of points can you separate from the canvas? After this move to see the art piece from a distance (watch out for people and art pieces behind your back if you are backing up). What happens to the colour points? Are new colours and shapes being formed?