Art Museum Amos Rex is operated by Amos Rex Ab (former Amos Anderson Glaspalatset Ab), VAT FI21374802.

Please note that Amos Rex Ab (2137480-2) invoicing addresses have been updated. Please update the new addresses to your customer register.

Amos Rex Ab primarily receives invoices electronically, so we hope you send your invoices to us as online invoices.

We receive e-invoices through Apix Messaging Oy’s e-invoice service.

Our business ID is: 2137480-2
Our e-invoicing address is: 003721374802
Broker and operator ID: 003723327487

Our scanning service for paper invoices:

Amos Rex Ab (Apix Scanning service)
P.O. Box 16112

To enable the scanning service to recognize your invoice, this invoice address is to be printed on the actual invoice, not only the envelope. we also ask you to not send any other material to this address.

Our email scanning address:

Please note that all documents are to be sent in pdf.-format. Please use the paper invoice scanning service address on the actual invoice, as above.

Our postal address for material, such as notifications, marketing material etc.:

Amos Rex Ab
Mannerheimintie 22-24
00100 Helsinki