Bill Viola, Tristan’s Ascension (The Sound of a Mountain Under a Waterfall), 2005.

Silent tour

The tour takes place in the museum before regular opening hours, allowing you to experience Viola’s art without the distraction of mobile phones, chatter or other disturbances. Let the elements and movements in the works guide your breathing and ground you in the moment. Where do you begin and where do you end?

After the tour you can share your experience with other participants and view the rest of the exhibition. Bring your own yoga mat or something comfortable to sit or lie on.

Note: altought the guide doesn’t talk, some of the works include loud sound.

Date: December 10, January 14 & January  28
Time: at 10 AM
Tickets*: 25 € / 15 € / 5 €
Duration approx. 45 min + time to roam freely

* All the tickets include admission to the current exhibition


December 10, January 14 & January  28

For this tour, let your body and inner voice guide you on a silent journey into yourself and the art of Bill Viola.