Our website uses cookies to collect information about visitors to the site. A cookie is a small text file, which the internet browser saves on the user’s device.

Some cookies are saved immediately once you have allowed them, while some are not saved until the user advances from one page to the next or uses functions on a single page. We cannot identify individual users based on cookies alone. However, you may prevent cookies from being saved and used when entering our website by not allowing them.

Cookies used by Amos Rex

We collect cookies for the purpose of providing a functioning website and developing it. We want to serve our website users as well as possible, now and in the future, and cookies are a way for us to improve how our website works.

Below you can find more information on the cookies our website uses and their purposes.

Necessary functional cookies

Necessary functional cookies are important for ensuring the functioning of our website and enable a smooth user experience. Necessary functional cookies are needed for the user’s language selection and checkout, for example. These cookies are always in use.

Marketing cookies

With marketing cookies, we can collect information on a certain browser to carry out targeted advertising or produce content.

With Google Ads, we can monitor, for instance, who has visited our website, how many have ended up on our site through an advertisement and whether the visitor has been on our website before.

With Facebook Pixel (Tag Manager) we can carry out online advertising and target it.

Analytics cookies

We use analytics cookies, for instance, to monitor statistics related to our website and calculate advertising efficiency. The information will be used for analysing the traffic to our website and website development purposes.

With Google Analytics we can monitor, for instance:

  • the number of users of our website;
  • when visits to our website take place;
  • how long the user stays on our website;
  • how many users leave our website immediately;
  • which pages our website users visit;
  • which site the user arrives on our website from;
  • where the user’s IP address is located;
  • what kind of device the user is visiting our website on, and
  • which country the user is from.

Storing the cookies

Some cookie data is removed from the website immediately when the user leaves the site, but some data is stored for a longer period to allow monitoring the number of annual visitors to the site, for example. We store cookie data as long as is necessary for the purpose in question and delete them immediately once they are no longer required.

Passing on cookie data

Amos Rex does not pass on cookie data. Anonymous statistics may be shared with collaboration partners to improve operations.

Third-party cookies

Our website may contain links to and affiliations with third-party websites, products and services. These services and applications offered by third parties on our website fall under the third party’s data privacy statement. We recommend familiarising yourself with the data protection and cookie practices of the relevant third party.

If you have any questions regarding our use of cookies, please contact Iia Palovaara, iia.palovaara@amosrex.fi, who is in charge of data protection at Amos Rex.