Amos Rex holds three exhibitions a year. The exhibitions open at the beginning of the year, at the start of the summer and in the autumn.

The museum’s exhibition programme includes the latest in contemporary art, often involving new technology, and twentieth century Modernism and ancient cultures. Works by Finnish and international artists are presented in solo shows and in thematic group exhibitions.

The programme is planned by an exhibition team, headed by the museum director, that selects and invites the exhibiting artists. The time horizon for planning exhibitions is often three to four years.

Amos Rex’s exhibition team closely monitors the visual art scene in Finland and abroad. It also accepts exhibition proposals, which can be sent to (only by email). A proposal must include a written description of the project of no more than 3,000 characters (about 500 words or one page) and a maximum of six images (.jpeg, 300 dpi, max 1 MB). In case of a video artwork, please include a link to a video file in the project description.

Our exhibition programme is not based on an application procedure, so we do not provide feedback on proposals. Instead, we contact the submitter if we are interested in the proposal. Material sent to the museum is not returned to the sender.