You don’t need to stop enjoying art even if the museum is closed!
This page offers art that you can experience wherever you are.




Welcome to the kids own art tour!

This tour is especially suitable for anyone anyone aged 8 or under (together with someone who can read).

According to the legend, there were originally six domes on top of Amos Rex, one of which became Ou. However, no one really knows where it came from or what it is. We’ve found that it changes shape, depending on how it is feeling. Ou loves art and is bad at controlling its feelings. Ou really likes children because they express their feelings more freely than adults and therefore understand Ou a little better.


Teens & adults

Watch video artworks online!

Amos Rex presents video artworks from the Generation 2020 exhibition online. Major, worrying themes also often have absurd features. Many Generation 2020 artists deal with such difficult topics without fear, with both human curiosity and black humor.