Kim Simonssonin Sammaljätit vierailevat Lasipalatsin aukiolla kesän yli. Kuva: Mika Huisman / Amos Rex
Kim Simonsson's Moss Giants are visiting Lasipalatsi square over the summer. Photo: Mika Huisman / Amos Rex

Come and celebrate Helsinki at the heart of the city! To honour the day, we offer free entrance to the museum. 


On Helsinki Day, you can see:  

  • I feel, for now is Amos Rex’s first collection exhibition on this scale. The exhibition’s more than 100 artworks from 76 artists take us through the art into emotions.
  • Josefina Nelimarkka’s The Cloud of Un/knowing explores clouds and their essence as part of the Earth’s hydrological cycle. The exhibition consists of new works that change in an instant, materials that stimulate the senses, and atmospheric–data-driven technology.
  • Hear artist Josefina Nelimarkka and curator Anastasia Isakova discuss the themes of the exhibition in Finnish at 4.30 pm and senior university lecturer Taina Ruuskanen (University of Helsinki Centre for Atmospheric Science INAR) talk about the life of clouds at 5.30 pm. Limited availability. 
  • Kim Simonsson’s four green Moss Giants, who have laid down temporary roots in the Lasipalatsikortteli Square and on the terrace of Bio Rex. The Moss Giants are the artist’s largest sculptors to date.
  • Discover the lovely colourist collection of architect Sigurd Frosterus in Amos Rex’s permanent exhibition.

In the exhibition hall, there are two works that may require queuing inside the exhibition: the artist collective Keiken’s Spirit Systems of Soft Knowing ༊*·˚ can accommodate four visitors at a time, and Hans Rosenström’s Mikado can be experienced by one visitor at a time. Besides these two, we fortunately have over 100 other artworks in three different exhibitions. 

Ticket reservation opens 29 May, but you can also enter without a pre-booked ticket. Please do not reserve a visit time just in case, as entry is easy anyway! 

On the free day on June 12, Amos Rex is open from 11am to 8pm. Entry closes at 7:30pm, and visitors can stay until 8pm. 

Welcome, see you at the museum! 

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