Performative conference

Over Realism: Passing Information, Radically!

Monday, Oct 28th, 3 – 7 pm.
In Bio Rex
Free entry!

Over Realism is a performative conference organized as part of artist Ofri Cnaani’s nine-day art event “Schoooooool With Many Holes“. The Conference was instated by Ofri Cnaani with Jenna Jauhiainen and Caroline Suinner. The speakers of the conference have been selected through a chain of invitations. Each speaker has invited the next speaker – who has then invited the following one. This has allowed for the hosting of the event to be shared.

Over Realism is a one-day performative convention.
Over Realism is a translation pun*
Over Realism uses memetic logic as a way to pass the invitation to present in the convention and to reimagine what a convention looks like.
Over Realism will reach and extend towards Hyperreality, Overly Big Data and the Future of the Real.
Over Realism becomes realized in the Oversized, living in our Over the Norms and on our diverse bodies.
Over Realism is a form of radical hospitality — where each participant is a host of information, a host for a host of information and a host for a host for a host of information!
Over Realism is, in it’s essence, about the Fragility of the Real

Over Realism was instated by Ofri Cnaani with Jenna Jauhiainen and Caroline Suinner.
The conference is mostly in English.

* The translation ”Over realism” was used by Finnish art critics who wrote about Surrealism in the early 1930s.


Kim Modig: Each Other

Jenna Jauhiainen: You Wouldn’t Download a Presentation

Ofri Cnaani: Accidental Triggers (this is so satisfying)

Einat Amir: Being Big Data

HYPERREAALIYAH: From Edgelords to Ultimate Warlord: Our Emergence into Syntelligence

NKO: (in)Secure: choreographed coordinates

Jonne Arjoranta: Playing for Change

Tuukka Petteri Haapakorpi: Speculative qualities in Role-Playing Games and a bit other games as well

Anastasia Warren: No Womb No Reaper

Caroline Sunnier: Justice, BOI

Meriam Trabelsi: Oodi Olivialle – kirje äidiltä tyttärelle

Eva-Liisa Orupõld: Bees & Honey

Kiia Beilinson: The White Preset

Gladys Camillo: The Things We Carry

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