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Generation 2023 performances are works of art that can be seen momentarily in the exhibition space among the other works. They flow freely between contemporary theatre, dance and performance. The performance art works at Generation 2023 invite us to gently step outside our bubbles into a collective consciousness and view art as a shared experience.

Performance schedule and detailed information about the performance art works below!

Performances are included in admission price. Tickets for students and under 30-year-olds are €5 and under 18-year-olds get in for free. To ensure your spot, please book your museum tickets online before hand.

NB! Some of the performances will be documented. Please let the photographer know if you do not want to get filmed.

Gallery Guide



FRI 11 August
4 pm Nsambu & Pieski: this is an invitation, ~ 30 min, in Finnish*
6 pm Nsambu & Pieski: this is an invitation, ~ 30 min, in Finnish

SAT 12 August
1 pm Nsambu & Pieski: this is an invitation, ~ 30 min, in Finnish

* Please note, that the performance is be recorded or photographed for documentation and marketing purposes.



THU 13 April
4 pm Anette Toiviainen: Duet, ~ 15 min *
6 pm Anette Toiviainen: Duet, ~ 15 min

SAT 15 April
1 pm Anette Toiviainen: Duet, ~ 15 min

THU 20 April
4 pm Aino Kontinen: Toward, ~ 20 min, in Finnish *
6 pm Aino Kontinen: Toward, ~ 20 min, in Finnish


WED 17 May
4 pm Iiris Puustinen: 3,2,1 (The Walk), ~ 20 min *
6 pm Iiris Puustinen: 3,2,1 (The Walk), ~ 20 min

SAT 20 May
1 pm Iiris Puustinen: 3,2,1 (The Walk), ~ 20 min
3 pm Aino Kontinen: Toward, ~ 20 min, in Finnish *


this is an in­vi­ta­tion

Nsambu & Pieski

2023, performance art

Choreography and performers: Alen Nsambu & Ritni Rávdnji Ráste Pieski
Costume design: Ella Snellman

~ 30 min
in Finnish

This performance work moves around the exhibition hall

You can experience the artwork either by following the artists for a moment or all the way through the performance. The artists will give you some suggestions and proposals for your own museum visit. Please meet them kindly and respectfully, do not touch the performers or any art works.

this is an invitation is a performance work that questions Western Museum etiquette. The artists move around the exhibition space and invite museum visitors with them to ponder and explore their own attitudes towards experiencing art in a museum context. Could art be experienced with all the senses?

Please note that it’s forbidden to touch the artworks and performers unless told otherwise.

FRI 11 August 4 pm | 6 pm
SAT 12 August 1 pm

Performances of this is an invitation are videographed and/or photographed for documentation and the artists’ own marketing purposes.


Anette Toiviainen

2023, dance

Dance and choreography: Anette Toiviainen
Music: Luigi Imperato

In the exhibition hall

~ 15 min*

Feel free to roam around the exhibition space while watching this dance piece.

Duet, a solo dance piece, got its start as a reflection on loneliness and longing for another person’s touch. Can the weight of lifeless fabric and uncontrolled movement become a partner in a duet? The fabric doesn’t react as humans do; it pulls, floats, flutters wistfully, lingers and drags behind.

Luigi Imperato was born in Torre del Greco (NA) in Italy. At the age of 14 he moved to Rome to attend the National Academy of Dance. He continued his studies as a dancer at Codarts, University of the Arts, Rotterdam where he graduated in 2021. He’s currently working as a freelance dancer and busy producing music for choreographies that will take place in Switzerland and in the Springboard Danse Montreal.

Thu 13 April 4 pm | 6 pm
Sat 15 April 1 pm

3,2,1 (The Walk)

Iiris Puustinen

2023, dance

Choreography: Iiris Puustinen
Dancers: Alen Nsambu, Iiris Puustinen, Elli Virtanen
Costume design: Angel Emmanuel
Music: KASPERG & Funnland: Las Ultimas
Sound design: Eliel Tammiharju

~ 20 min

The work starts in the museum’s lower lobby and ends in the exhibition hall

You can experience this dance performance by following the dancers while they move in the exhibition space. At the end of the performance, please gather next to the performers.

The dance piece 3,2,1 (The Walk) aims to bring fashion world aesthetics into the art exhibition. A new kind of rhythm is created in the space when the restrained atmosphere of the museum meets accelerating energy that draws from fashion shows. The outfits designed by Angel Emmanuel for the piece are made from recycled materials. Their textiles, weight, thickness and size add their own dimension to the dancers’ movement.

Wed 17 May 4 pm | 6 pm
Sat 20 May 1 pm


Aino Kontinen

2023, spoken word performance

Text: Aino Kontinen
Sound design: Kira Siuruainen
Costume design: Hanne Jurmu

~ 20 min

In the exhibition hall

We recommend watching the performance all the way through from start to end. You can sit on the floor, on a folding chair or stay standing.

The spoken word performance Toward delves into themes of depression and exhaustion through text and sound. Performance as a format allows for flexibility in exploring these themes and seeking different rhythms from those sharing the experience. The performance turns the gaze outwards from the self, towards a shared moment and new perspectives. Could we together create hope and learn to trust it?

Thu 20 April 4 pm | 6 pm
Sat 20 May 3 pm *

*Please note: This performance is recorded for the artist’s portfolio and marketing purposes.