Kim Simonssonin Sammaljätit vierailevat Lasipalatsin aukiolla kesän yli. Kuva: Mika Huisman / Amos Rex
Kim Simonsson's Moss Giants are visiting Lasipalatsi square over the summer. Photo: Mika Huisman / Amos Rex

Before your visit

We recommend buying tickets online in advance, even if you have a Museum Card. With an online ticket, you ensure that you can enter the museum at exactly the time of your choice. If there is a queue at the museum, only those with tickets bought online may skip the line.

If you have purchased a ticket online, arrive at the museum from the Kamppi side, through the accessible entrance from Lasipalatsi Square. So, enter from the Lasipalatsi square and show your ticket at the checkpoint, and you will receive that day’s entry sticker. Welcome to the museum!

Purchase tickets

In case you need accessible entry, you can enter through the doors on the Lasipalatsi Square side even without a pre-purchased online ticket. The door also serves as an entrance for groups that have reserved guided tours or hosted visits.

In Amos Rex, it is often quieter on weekday afternoons and after 6 PM on weekdays. Amos Rex has many school and day care groups visiting especially during middays from 8 April to 1 June and 7 August to 6 September 2024.

General info about visiting Amos Rex

There are discussion guides working at the exhibition. Feel free to ask them for more information about the works or Amos Rex services, for instance.

You may take photos without a flash at the exhibition. Please be considerate of staff and other visitors.

You can visit the exhibition halls with a wheelchair, electric wheelchair, rollator, pram or stroller. A few parts of the exhibition space may be a bit more crowded, so during busy times you may have to wait a little to examine works that only a few people can participate in at a time.

In the exhibition space of I feel for now, you can find seating and benches. The benches have some supplies for your visit like a comic book related to the exhibition and some question cards. You can read and use the activity cards at the exhibition freely! Please return what you use.

I feel, for now

27 March –8 Sept 2024

I feel, for now is an art exhibition extensively showcasing Amos Rex’s collections. Exhibition themes revolve around emotional reactions brought about by art. The exhibition features over a hundred artworks of various themes and forms, including paintings, sculptures, installations, and video artworks. Some artworks include sound, which can be listened to by using headphones or speakers.

In some artworks, materials may be surprising, such as sharp hooks, fabric, leather, ceramics, or wood. Generally, you are not allowed to touch the artworks because their materials are very delicate. Therefore, please move around the exhibition hand in hand with children.

The exhibition includes three participatory artworks where touching is allowed. Participation is limited to a certain number of visitors at a time. You can find detailed information about these artworks below.

The exhibition is suitable for all ages. There are two artworks that might be exciting for the youngest members of the family. If you’re visiting with children, you can also explore the exhibition’s children’s map, which marks these specific artworks.

Exhibition route

The recommended direction for visiting the I feel for now exhibition is from the right edge to the left as seen from the entrance doors, i.e. counter clockwise. However, you are free to move in any direction you want.

In the exhibition space, in addition to the works, you will find texts with information about the works and other additional information about the exhibition.

The exhibition brochure is free and available in the downstairs lobby in English, Finnish and Swedish. You can also find the brochure online:

Gallery Guide

Josefina Nelimarkka, The Cloud of Un/Knowing. Photo: Niclas Warius / Amos Rex

Josefina Nelimarkka: The Cloud of Un/knowing
27 March –8 Sept 2024

In Amos Rex’s Studio Rex space, Josefina Nelimarkka’s (b. 1982) exhibition The Cloud of Un/knowing is on show. In the exhibition, the artist explores clouds as part of the Earth’s water cycle. The exhibition features glass and silk installations as well as audio and video installations. The audio and video installation consists of projection, video displayed on a screen, and sound playing throughout the space.

The artworks in the exhibition are influenced by real-time meteorological measurements, causing the exhibition to continuously change. The video artwork is connected, among other things, to a weather station installed on the roof of Amos Rex. You can see the station from Lasipalatsi Square.

The silk and glass artworks are very delicate, so please remember not to touch them.

Exhibition brochures are free and available at the entrance of the exhibition in Finnish, Swedish, and English. You can also find the brochure online:

Gallery Guide
The exhibition space is fairly bright, as it receives daylight from the large skylight in the room.

Kim Simonsson

Kim Simonssonin Sammaljätit vierailevat Lasipalatsin aukiolla kesän yli. Kuva: Mika Huisman / Amos Rex
Kim Simonsson's Moss Giants are visiting Lasipalatsi square over the summer. Photo: Mika Huisman / Amos Rex

Kim Simonsson: Moss Giants
April 29 – October 20, 2024

Kim Simonsson’s exhibition Moss Giants consists of four large figures, each gesturing a Finnish sign language word that tells the name of the artwork. The largest sculpture is 5 meters tall and weighs almost 400 kilograms. You can see three of the artworks on the mounds of Lasipalatsi Square and one on Mannerheimintie at street level on the terrace of Lasipalatsi’s Bio Rex.

Although the artworks are outdoors, they are still delicate. Please refrain from climbing on the artworks.

Content and sensory notices for works  and artworks you can partake in

We have gathered here information about artworks that have something noteworthy regarding content or sensory load, as well as the artworks that you can exceptionally touch and participate in some way.

Hans Rosenström, Mikado, 2009. Photo: Niclas Warius / Amos Rex

Mikado, 2009

Hans Rosentröm

Hans Rosentröm, Mikado, 2009.
duration 4 minutes

The work is an installation in a dark room with furniture and sound from headphones. One person at a time can experience the artwork.

Join the queue by sitting on an available stool. When the light bulb is lit, you can enter the room. When the work is in use, please join the queue by sitting on an available stool.

In the room, please take a seat and put on the headphones. The work will start automatically. Please do not touch any other items in the room.

The work is in Swedish. You can find the translated transcription of the text in Finnish and English outside the room.

From the headphones you can hear a whispering voice of the narrator, who addresses the listener. The artwork can feel intrusive.

Photo: Niclas Warius / Amos Rex

As if Nothing, 2013

Emma Rönnholm

Emma Rönnholm, As if Nothing, 2013

The artwork is an installation with a chair, a shelf and books. You can sit in the armchair and browse through the books on the shelf. Please return them to where you found them.