Ryoji Ikeda, data-verse 1 (2019) Courtesy of the Artist and Audemars Piguet
Ryoji Ikeda: data-verse 1 (2019) Courtesy of the Artist and Audemars Piguet, ©Ryoji Ikeda

Ryoji Ikeda


General content warnings for the exhibition:
dark, sound, flashing lights

It is dark in the exhibition.
The exhibition contains loud sounds.
The artworks feature flashing lights, the first artwork of the exhibition contains strobe light.

Before your visit

We recommend buying tickets online in advance, even if you have a Museum Card. With an online ticket, you ensure that you can enter the museum at exactly the time of your choice. If there is a queue at the museum, only those with tickets bought online may skip the line.

If you have purchased a ticket online, arrive at the museum from the Kamppi side, through the accessible entrance from Lasipalatsi Square. So, enter from the Lasipalatsi square and show your ticket at the checkpoint, and you will receive that day’s entry sticker. Welcome to the museum!

Purchase tickets

In case you need accessible entry, you can enter through the doors on the Lasipalatsi Square side even without a pre-purchased online ticket. The door also serves as an entrance for groups that have reserved guided tours or hosted visits.

If you have sensory sensitivities or defensiveness, we recommend you visit us when you are well rested and don’t have a busy day behind or ahead of you. An art exhibition might be too overwhelming if you are feeling overloaded.

General information about the exhibition

The exhibition Ryoji Ikeda presents works by Japanese composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda. The show at Amos Rex is the artists‘ first solo exhibition in Finland. Ikeda takes over the museum’s cavernous spaces with a precise soundscape and moving image. Among the five installations presented in the exhibition are two new artworks specifically designed for the exhibition halls at Amos Rex.

Ikeda works with rhythm, light, sound, scientific imagery and data visualisation. His installations explore the invisible dimensions of the universe with close to mathematical precision. Playing with extremes and contrasts, the artworks in the exhibition switch between pulsating light and shadow, sound and silence, explosive abundance and reduced geometric forms.

As a whole, the exhibition is considered to have a high-level sensory load.

Exhibition route

The Ryoji Ikeda-exhibition is divided into three rooms. The recommended direction for visiting the exhibition is from the right edge to the left as seen from the entrance doors, i.e. counter-clockwise. The direction is indicated on the floor map of the exhibition, which can be found in the exhibition brochure. You can also ask museum staff to show you the map.

Due to the nature of the artworks, it is dark in the exhibition halls. The only illumianted areas are benches, informative signs and the exit from the exhibition hall. Some of the artworks also include pulsating light and images, as well as a partly loud soundscape that takes over the space.
Below you will find more detailed information about the individual artworks. Hearing protectors can be borrowed from the lower lobby of the museum. Ask the staff for more information.

There are no texts in the exhibition hall. Information about the artworks and in-depth texts about the exhibition themes can be found in the exhibition brochure. The exhibition brochure is free of charge and available in the lower lobby of the museum in Finnish, Swedish and English. You can find them in racks at the entrance to the exhibition halls and in the Studio Rex art workshop space. There is also an online version of the brochure. In case you wish to use the brochure during your visit in the exhibition hall, we recommend that you browse the online version on your phone or tablet. Please note that the online brochure will open automatically in darkmode, but it is possible to adjust the brightness level.

Gallery Guide

You can visit the exhibition halls with a wheelchair, electric wheelchair, rollator, pram or stroller. A few passageways in the exhibition are a little more narrow. Please hold children by the hand as you explore the exhibition.

You may take phots without flash in the exhibition. Please be considerate of other customers and staff. In the museum’s lower lobby and in the Studio Rex art workshop space there are discussion guides and other staff dressed in purple jackets. You can ask them for more information about the exhibition or about the services at Amos Rex. for example.

Please don’t touch the artworks in the exhibition. After your visit however, you may immerse yourself in hands-on activities in the Studio Rex art workshop space. Studio Rex is also a good place to settle down and browse through the exhibition brochure.

Content and sensory notices for works 

On this page, we have collected information about works that may require special attention in terms of content or sensory load, as well as works that you can touch in some way, as an exception.

Ryoji Ikeda, mass (2023), Courtesy of the Artist, ©Ryoji Ikeda



The artwork consists of a moving image projected on the floor. The image pulsates with a brightly flickering white strobe light. As part of the artwork you hear a soundscape r through the speakers. (There are benches in the space where you can sit)

Ryoji Ikeda: spin (2023), Courtesy of the Artist, ©Ryoji Ikeda



The artwork consists of moving laser beams that draw a shimmering geometric shape on the museum ceiling. 

Ryoji Ikeda: data-verse 1 (2019), Courtesy of the Artist and Audemars Piguet Contemporary, ©Ryoji Ikeda

data-verse 1 and data-verse 2

data-verse 1 and data-verse 2

There are two artworks on display in the room. Both works consist of moving images, which are projected on each side of one large wall. The wall is located in the centre of the space. The works contain partially pulsating light and image, and a soundscape which is audible in every part of the room. The sound is played through loudspeakers. The artworks are viewed separately, either standing or seated on a bench.

Ryoji Ikeda: data.gram [n°5] (2023), Courtesy of the Artist, ©Ryoji Ikeda

data.gram [n°5]

data.gram [n°5]

The artwork consists of small screens mounted next to each other on a wall. There are nine screens in total, all of them play different moving images. The artwork does not contain sound in itself, but you can still hear the soundscape from the adjacent exhibition space. There is no seating in the space.

Studio Rex

Studio Rex is the museum’s space for artistic research. Here you can tune in and delve deeper into the themes of the current exhibition, as well as relax and reflect on the art you have just experienced. Everyone is welcome – no matter what your relationship to art may be.

You can pop into this space during your visit to the exhibition or book an introductory guided tour or hosted visit for your group.

During the Ryoji Ikeda-exhibition, Studio Rex offers a space for hands-on activities, hanging out, chatting or just sit in silence. There is a table and chairs where you can read the exhibition brochure for example. The space is softly lit.

While visiting the exhibition, you can enter Studio Rex even if there is a group participating in a guided tour. However, please be considerate so that the group can work in peace. Studio Rex is divided by a partition wall, with one side reserved for pre-booked groups. The two sides are marked.