You can purchase an advance ticket for a day of your choosing between 13 February and 19 May 2019.

The advance ticket will be exchanged for the day’s entry sticker at the museum shop 45 minutes before closing time at the latest. See opening hours here.

Please note that the museum shop also serves shop clients, the disabled and visitors with strollers. Some queueing may occur. Advance ticket does not allow for skipping the queue. Advance ticket is valid only for the ticket holder’s entry. Others coming in the same party without an advance ticket cannot buy a ticket on the same occasion.

Entry is guaranteed if the ticket holder arrives at the museum at least 2 hours before closing time. If entry is not possible due to crowds despite arriving on time, will the ticket be transferred to another day or reimbursed.

In case of an error, please leave a message here or call our customer service. We primarily answer messages.