Advance tickets

NB: We do not sell advance tickets at the moment.

Already know when you’ll be visiting? You can purchase an advance ticket for the Egypt of Glory exhibition. Advance tickets are available for the upcoming month. The advance tickets for the next month are released at the end of the previous month. The amount of advance tickets for each month is limited.

In case the advance tickets are sold out for the day you wish to book, you can also purchase your entry ticket at the museum’s ticket counter.

See the opening hours and tickets


Upon arrival with the advance ticket, please use the entrance at the Lasipalatsi Square. You can go past the ticket counter and proceed straight to the museum shop counter to pick up your entry sticker.

Your advance ticket will be exchanged for the day’s entry sticker at the museum shop counter 45 minutes before closing time at the latest.

The advance ticket is valid only for the ticket holder’s entry. Others arriving in the same party without an advance ticket cannot buy a ticket on the same occasion. Please note that also children (under 18-year-olds) must buy an advance ticket.


In case of an error, please leave a message here or call our customer service. We respond faster primarily to messages.

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