Visual artist Raija Malka and composer Kaija Saariaho will take over Amos Rex’s exhibition space in a new and experiential way in summer 2021. The work is painterly, spatial and musical all at once, offering visitors an opportunity to shape the space with their own creativity.

The exhibition title, Blick (Gaze), is a reference to visual artist Wassily Kandinsky’s poem from 1912 that is included in the soundscape by Kaija Saariaho. The gazes of the two artists are brought together in a three-dimensional space.

The spatial solutions of Blick form a commentary on the architecture of Amos Rex in a way that excites all the senses. When a person travels on the train, the gaze lingers on a landscape. As the train slows down and accelerates, which moves: the landscape or the viewer? A gaze that lasts for the blink of an eye opens a window into the world of the viewer.

The exhibition is a multisensory experience that invites you to stay. In a world made up of the colours and sounds of Malka and Saariaho, visitors can build their own arrangements.