Pointillism means that an artwork is painted entirely with dots. It was a popular way of painting about a hundred years ago, but is still just as wonderful.

Make your own Pointillist artwork!

You’ll need:

– Paper or other painting base
– Markers of different colors, watercolors or other colors with which you can make dots or small patches easily



    1. Draw a thin outline to your painting with a pencil.
      It’s easier to get started with a simple, smaller idea. For example, start by making a cloud in the sky, or your own abstract, non-representational image.
    1. Choose the color you want to create for your shape.
      BUT: Colors are not mixed, but are tucked into the paper tightly side by side in small dots. For example, if you want to make a green shape, use blue and yellow dots. Avoid painting lines, even if you come across one on the paper.
    1. Look at your artwork from a different distance.
      Once you’ve filled your shape evenly, with as small yellow and blue spots of color as possible (or big ones if you have a bigger image), take a few steps back and look at the artwork you’re making from afar. The colors mix in the eyes and it looks green! Also, try looking at the artwork while squinting your eyes.
    1. Play with different mixes of colors and shades.
      What happens when you make dots with the same colors, or loosely? What about overlapping? What does the painting look like when you mix different shades of blue, or as many different neon colors as possible? How does the artwork change when you look at it from different distances? You can even measure how many steps you take and record your observations.
    1. Find your own Pointillist style, share it with the #amosrex hashtag so others can see it!  

Alfred William Finch: Breaking Waves at Heyst, 1891, oil on canvas, Sigurd Frosterus Collection.