Welcome to Amos Rex! This page is for children and those visiting the museum with a child. Read it, perhaps together, before your visit!

Meet Ou. Ou likes children, for they often understand it better than grown-ups. You see, it is sometimes difficult for Ou to control its feelings, not to mention energy.



Here are some tips on how to approach the musical world of Blick to kids… or to anybody, actually:

  1. The door to the exhibition opens, sharpen your ears and listen! At first you can hear noises, someone is moving. What is it? Where are we heading?
  2. The big exhibition hall of Amos Rex is before you, climb up a staircase or sit down on a bench of your choosing. Let your eyes wander high into the ceiling and the skylights. Where are the sounds coming from, and where do they go? Do the sounds remind you of a character, maybe one that can fly?
  3. In the space called Menschen you can find a big ball and hear singing voices, that sound together. Which do you think fills the space, the ball or the sound? If a sound would live inside the ball, what would it be like?
  4. In the exhibition, there is a space called Kiosk. There you can make your own kiosk of colours together with an adult. Listen to the sound of whispers and the waves washing into the shore, let your thoughts calm down. How does your kiosk of colours look?



The museum’s main entrance is in the Lasipalatsi (glass palace), on the Mannerheimintie side. An accessible entrance is located on Lasipalatsi Square.

Everyone under 18 years of age gets free admission; you will get an admission sticker at the ticket counter. Ticket counters are at the museum’s main entrance and in the museum gift shop, which is closer to the accessible door and elevators.

Space for keeping some baby carriages can be found at the end of the storage lockers in the cloakroom. Baby carriages can, however, be taken into the exhibitions.
Strollers can also be borrowed, if needed, at the cloakroom.
A childcare station is available next to the cloakroom.
Breast-feeding is allowed anywhere in the museum, except for the exhibition space. If the Studio Rex workshop is free, it can be used as a rest area and for eating snacks. The staff will be glad to assist!
Ear protectors for children can also be borrowed at the cloakroom.

A museum’s main task is to care for the artworks so that they can be preserved intact forever. Museums also have rules, which must be obeyed so that everyone’s visit can be as pleasant as possible.

Important things to remember throughout your visit:

  • The artworks must not be touched, not even by a little tap of the finger, unless it is clearly stated otherwise. This is because they could be damaged, dirtied or corroded. Did you know that the natural grease on our fingertips can, for instance, leave a mark on a hard bronze sculpture that can never be cleaned off? Even if nothing at first can be perceived with the naked eye.
  • A good distance must be kept between yourself and the artworks, even if you would like to get a close look. Just think, even someone stumbling or sneezing could harm an artwork. It’s good to keep a distance to avoid any accidents.
  • Visitors must walk through the museum calmly. You can be excited, but must not run. That’s because if you ran, you could trip and fall, and thereby damage irreplaceable cultural treasures.
  • You certainly don’t need to be silent in the museum. Discuss the art, debate, share your opinions! But we ask that you take the other visitors into consideration, so that everyone has a pleasant museum visit.
  • Emotions are allowed in the museum. If you feel like laughing, laugh, and if you feel like crying, that’s OK too.

And finally:

You must obey any instructions given by the museum staff. They are really nice people, and there’s no need to be shy of them. You can ask the museum staff all kinds of things, they know the museum inside out. On hand are also special guides whose job is to discuss with you – about the art or something else entirely. You will recognize the museum staff by their shiny golden jackets!


Follow Ou on the kids own Glory of Egypt art tour! Please note, that the Glory of Egypt exhibition has ended.

Services booked in advance

If you want to explore the exhibition in more depth, we recommend booking a guided tour. The tour is suitable for adults and children, and both smaller (min. 1 person) as well as larger (max. 10 people) groups.

Our guides cannot wait to welcome you to Amos Rex!

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