Please note that ancient Egypt covers a very long timespan, a lot of different historical interpretations, and tons of interesting details. Our guides have specialized specifically in the story told by the exhibition at Amos Rex.

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Virtual tour

Experience a piece of ancient Egypt on your own device–wherever your are!

During the virtual tour you will delve into the Egypt of Glory exhibition through stories, ambience and backgrounds. The guide will not be circulating in the exhibition space, instead you will get to know the exhibition through pictures and videos. This permits you to get even closer to the objects than during a regular museum visit! You will hear about gods and pharaohs of ancient Egypt as well as get a peek inside a cat mummy, and see what goes on backstage at the museum. The virtual tour is a wonderful break in your day: it contains exercises that awakens the senses. You will be able to ask questions during the tour.

Duration Approx. 45 min
Languages Finnish, Swedish, English (Russian, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese)
Group sixe and pricing 1-35 ppl: 90€ / 35-70 ppl: 180€ / 70-100 ppl: 270€ (only on weekdays)
Additional info The virtual tour uses the Zoom platform. On the computer you can use Zoom through the browser without downloading the application. On a smartphone or tablet you should download the free Zoom application in advance. Please do not record the virtual tour.