Amos Rex gave Karoliina Hellberg, Tero Kuitunen and Raimo Saarinen free rein to create new art for spaces within the museum and Bio Rex, beyond the exhibition hall. The Exhibitions six installations were born out of a dialogue with the building’s architecture and its chronological strata. They grow out of the space and around it, taking over the space and leading visitors from Amos Rex’s underground world to the functionalist views of Lasipalatsi.

Central to all three artists’ work is an examination of the relationship between art and the built environment and the stories and histories they carry. Inspired by the various temporal layers and mood shifts in the museum building, Hellberg, Kuitunen and Saarinen have created works that take on the space, grow from it and around it. The exhibition flows between different levels from the underground halls to Bio Rex’s 1930s functionalist visions.

The exhibition title Between us refers to an encounter between artist and artwork as well as viewer and artwork.

“We created our own independent entities for the exhibition but the interaction between us and the discussion of the works were essential parts of the process – in that way, too, the title of the exhibition Between us is very descriptive. When we saw our space for the exhibition for the first time, we all knew instinctively where in the space we would place our works and the harmony between them came into being as if by itself,” say the artists.

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