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Egypt of Glory

The Egypt of Glory exhibition will take you on a journey back in time thousands of years, to the miraculous world of ancient Egypt.

The exhibition has been divided into ten parts, through which your group can get to know ancient Egypt’s everyday life and celebration, gods and their worship, life, and life after death.

The exhibition items are from the Museo Egizio in Italy. All items are authentic and have been used in ancient Egyptian homes and sacred rituals. The exhibition also displays real animal and human mummies, i.e. deceased. Please discuss this in advance with your group and make sure that the fragile items and mummies are handled with respect during the visit.

The mummies and exhibition areas on the subject of death have been marked on the map, you may also skip them during your visit. Our discussion guides are happy to assist on-site!

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You can explore the exhibition with the help of our discussion guides and a small museum friend book called My Ancient Egyptian Friends, which includes characters who introduce the exhibition to both children and adults. The friend book is included in the price of the entrance ticket – you can take it with you or leave it for us to recycle.

Virtual Tomb

At the Egypt of Glory exhibition you are able to visit a virtual tomb. This tomb has been recreated with the help of augmented reality (AR) and is based on the real-life tomb of Paheri, located in the ancient city of Nekhen in Upper Egypt, in the area of the present-day city of El Kab. You can also explore the virtual tomb anytime and anywhere outside the exhibition with the free Arilyn app.

Guided tours

Virtual tour

Experience a piece of ancient Egypt – through your classroom computer!

During the virtual tour you will delve into the Egypt of Glory exhibition through stories, ambience and backgrounds. The guide will not be circulating in the exhibition space, instead you will get to know the exhibition through pictures and videos. This permits you to get even closer to the objects than during a regular museum visit! You will hear about gods and pharaohs of ancient Egypt as well as get a peek inside a cat mummy, and see what goes on backstage at the museum. The virtual tour contains exercises that awakens the senses. You will be able to ask questions during the tour.


Duration Approx. 45 min
Languages Finnish, Swedish, English (Russian, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese)
Group sixe and pricing 50€ / class
Additional info The virtual tour uses the Zoom platform. On the computer you can use Zoom through the browser without downloading the application. On a smartphone or tablet you should download the free Zoom application in advance. Please do not record the virtual tour.



Guided Tour

Welcome to travel in time with our Egypt of Glory exhibition! With the help of a guide, the group will meet gods and pharaohs as well as some more peculiar ancient characters. Together we will discover what everyday life looked like for the ancient Egyptians. What about the beliefs surrounding life after death? When did all these fascinating things happen, and how long a period are we talking about? The tour is suitable for all ages. The guide will present the exhibition through narrative and will make this ancient culture easily approachable.

Duration Approx. 45 min
Languages Finnish, Swedish, English (Russian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese)
Group size 10 persons / guide, larger groups possible on Wed and Thu mornings
Price 50 € (only on weekdays)


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Art workshop

According to ancient Egyptian beliefs, the star-crossed and protective goddess Nut lives in the sky. Nut swallows the sun, and in the mornings, gives birth to it again. This is how day turns into night and night into day again.

At the art workshop of the Egypt of Glory exhibition, we will seek inspiration from ancient Egyptian stories, characters and beliefs and create our own, modern protection amulet. You can take the amulet home or give it to someone important. The art workshop guide encourages participants to explore and consider ancient gods and demons, worldviews, and myths. What feels completely strange? Where can you find familiar and relatable points? What can you apply from ancient Egyptian ways of thinking?

The art workshop is suitable for all ages, its content tailored to the needs of each group. The workshop consists of creative work and a guided visit to the exhibition. Come and join us on this magical journey!

Duration Approx. 90 min
Languages Finnish, Swedish, English
Group size 10 persons / guide
Price 70 € (Weekdays only)



Independent visit

Independent group visits are unfortunately not available until further notice, due to the Covid-19 situation.

Material bank

The Egypt of Glory exhibition booklet is a friend book, where ten characters each describe their own exhibition section. Can you find all the characters in the exhibition? What about other items mentioned in the booklet?

Friend characters also encourage small tasks on-site. As you move around the exhibition, you can use their route and carry out the tasks tipped by friends. After the visit, you can fill out your own friend page at the end of the booklet.

Exhibition booklets are handed out on-site for free.

When you think of ancient Egypt, what comes to mind first? Write down as many things as you can, and discuss what you imagined and what you already knew.

Here are some questions to consider: How were the pyramids built? Why were people mummified? What about animals? How were the hieroglyphs read? What or who were the gods? How long ago did ancient Egypt exist? What were the pharaohs? Don’t use Google if you don’t know – come up with your own theories instead.

Take the list you compiled with you to the exhibition. Compare what you listed with objects in the exhibition and find information on them on-site. You can also take advantage of help from our discussion guides.

P.S. The point of the task is not just the number of ideas or whether they were right, but gathering information and the imagination. When it comes to exploring ancient Egypt, these are your best tools.

To get you started or inspired by the exhibition, write your own text with nothing but modern hieroglyphs: emojis. Go through each other’s texts. Can you do it? How would you write your own name with emojis? Are emojis the language of the future?

Additional task: draw your own hieroglyph. Style: entirely your own! Teach them to your classmates.