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For teachers

Dear teacher/instructor! Looking for services for your group? Here you can find information on our guided tours, exercises for independent visits, and details on art workshops for deepening the exhibition experience.

Welcome to Amos Rex!

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Generation 2023 Amos Rex

Generation 2023

Generation is a triennial, in other words an exhibition that repeats every three years. This is the third Generation exhibition. Applications for the exhibition were open to creators aged 15–23. From many enthusiastic applications, the jury selected 50 artists and working pairs. The exhibition is on show at Amos Rex in Helsinki from 29 March to 20 August 2023.

In their works, the artists represented in the exhibition are seeking new ways to approach today’s biggest questions. Many of them aim to turn our gaze toward the state of nature and the coexistence between human beings and nature. How can we change a relationship where one side has constantly suffered while the other has benefited from it? The works in the exhibition also deal with norms related to gender identity and appearance and urge us forward in questioning familiar concepts.

Mental health, feelings triggered by the pandemic and digital exhaustion are topics that young people ponder with the help of art, and many find ways to deal with difficult feelings by creating art. The exhibition also includes performance art works that gently invite us out of our bubbles to experience art as a shared experience.

Performance times for performance art works: Generation 2023 Performance Art

The artists in the exhibition were chosen by a seven-person jury, which included its chair, choreographer and director Ima Iduozee, two artists from the Generation 2020 exhibition, Anna-Karoliina Vainio and Alex Luonto, as well as Amos Rex Museum director Kai Kartio, curator Anastasia Isakova, exhibition assistant Krista Mamia and curator of public programmes Laura Porola.

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Actvities and tasks

Here you can find some varied tasks and activities you can do either before or during your visit.

Before your visit

What do you think you will see in the art museum?

  1. Write down 10 things. You can do the task by yourself or in pairs/small groups. You can start by discussing what you have seen in art museums before. If you haven’t been to one, it doesn’t matter – you can still guess!
  2. Make another list of 10 things that you would like to see in the art museum. You could list techniques, subjects or certain types of artists. Or perhaps you’re interested in benches?
  3. Compare the lists, do they have anything in common? You can take the lists with you to the museum, and check how many matches you find. With younger children, you can prepare for the visit by writing a list together.

On site

One of the tasks of art is to stir emotions in the viewer. The works of the Generation 2020 exhibition are sometimes very loaded and may produce different atmospheres: laughter, sorrow, anxiety, annoyance etc. Which emotions do you feel in the exhibition and why? Can you put them into words? If you don’t feel anything, why is that?

The task may be completed together as a group as you circle the exhibition (younger students/pre-schoolers) or by writing them down during the exhibition visit (older students).

On site / after the visit

Select one or several video pieces, which you will watch in their entirety during the visit – either once or more, depending on the duration of the pieces. Make notes if you complete the task individually (older students) or verbalise your observations together out loud if you move around as a group (younger students/pre-schoolers):

  • What is taking place in the video?
  • Who has made it?
  • Who/what is performed in the video?
  • What would the video piece look like as e.g. a painting or sculpture, or some other form?

On site

The Sigurd Frosterus collection hall has a very different atmosphere from the main exhibition. Choose your favourite work (alone or in the group) and find out how old the artist was when creating the artwork.

All art has once been contemporary art, how does the Modernist style (displayed in the collection hall) differ from today’s visual arts?

After the visit

The Generation exhibition takes place every three years, and applications are open to people aged 15–23. The next Generation show takes place three years from now. What kind of work would you apply with yourself?

Think about a work proposal, and consider at least the following points:

  • What is the work about?
  • Material or technique; how is the work created? By drawing, slapping or with chewing gum?
  • How big is the work and how is it presented in the space? Does it hang from the ceiling or on a wall? Or is it perhaps attached to visitors when they enter the space?

Your imagination is the only limit!
Make a sketch or a plan for a work using a technique of your choice.

P.S. If you do the task in small groups or in pairs, also think about your division of labour. Do you do everything together, or is one person a photographer and another a performer, for instance?


Guided Tour

Our expert leads your group through the Generation 2023 exhibition, which features works by 50 artists, focusing on the general themes of the exhibition and a specific selection of works. Our guide is happy to tailor the tour to suit your group’s wishes, whenever possible. Please provide as much information as possible about your group when making the booking.

Duration ca. 45 min.
Languages English, Finnish, Swedish (French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese on request)
Group size max. 25 students per guide *
Price €50 (only on weekdays)
N.B. Amos Rex is closed on Tuesdays. The museum always opens at 11 am.

* = One adult per 15 children


An intro is a short guidance tour that serves as a starting point for your group’s independent visit to the exhibition. In the intro, you will hear more information about the background of the exhibition, get a brief overview of its themes and take an in-depth look at one work.

Duration ca. 20 min
Languages English, Finnish, Swedish (French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese on request)
Group size 25 students per guide *
Price €30 (only on weekdays)
N.B. Amos Rex is closed on Tuesdays. The museum always opens at 11 am.

* = One adult per 15 children. The intro is followed by independent visits to the exhibition in small groups (daycare and primary school groups only accompanied by an adult).

Art Workshop  

The art workshop focuses on emotional states evoked by contemporary art and how they can be expressed. The starting point is the broad range of materials featured in the Generation 2023 works.

In the Studio Rex art workshop space, you will explore different art materials and approaches to creating artworks. We examine the connection between materials and the content of artworks, with the help of installation and writing tasks, for example.

The workshop also includes a guided tour of the exhibition.

Duration ca. 1.5 hr
Languages English, Finnish, Swedish (French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese on request)
Group size Max. 25 students per guide *
Price €70 / not available on weekends
N.B. Amos Rex is closed on Tuesdays. The museum always opens at 11 am.


Self-guided Visit for Groups

When visiting with out a guided tour

Always book your group visit in advance so that we can best serve you when you arrive. If the museum is crowded, we give priority to pre-booked groups. If you have not announced your arrival in advance, be prepared for a possible wait, or to return at a later time when it is less busy.

Please keep your distance from any guided tours that may be in progress in the exhibition space.

Group size Max. 25 pupils and 1 teacher per 15 children*
Price Free admission to the museum (through 2nd grade)

*= Visitors move around the exhibition in small groups; daycare and primary school groups must be accompanied by an adult.

Museum rules

These rules exist so that both the artworks and the visitors can enjoy the museum. The mission of art museums is to present valuable artworks to the delight of people in a way that ensures their survival for the future too!

  • No drinks, backpacks or large bags are allowed in the exhibition space.
    Even just a single spilled drop of fluid can ruin an artwork. Large bags and backpacks, on the other hand, can scratch the works if in contact with them by accident.
  • Please take photos, but without flash.
    The works are sensitive to light, and for example drawings and paintings fade in the light.
  • Works should not be touched unless otherwise mentioned. 
    They may be damaged or become dirty, or move away from their original position.
  • Please consider other groups during your visit. 
    If you are visiting without a guide, please make space for guided groups in the exhibition space.
  • The teacher is responsible for the group during the visit. 

Remember also

  • A few lockers have an outlet for charging cell phones.
  • Unfortunately, the museum does not have a separate space for eating snacks. If the weather permits, we recommend a snack break on the domes of the museum courtyard! There are also cafés next to the museum.