The personal collection of businessman and art patron Amos Anderson (1878–1961) is the foundation of the Föreningen Konstsamfundet’s collections. At the time of his death on Easter, 1961, Amos owned 438 works of art, including paintings, sculptures and prints, as well as a separate collection of 357 medals. Most of the works represent 20th-century Finnish art, but the collection also includes classical European art from the 16th and 17th centuries, particularly from Italy. Sacral themes with Madonna motifs particularly appealed to Anderson.

As a collector, Anderson was not an art expert who primarily followed the qualitative principles of art or the trends of the day in his purchases. Among other things, he liked landscapes showing his home region around Turku as well as various biblical themes. On the other hand, Anderson was happy to acquire works from artists he knew and also to simply help artists who were struggling financially. Decorative artist and painter Henry Eriksson and sculptor Felix Nylund were particularly close acquaintances. In his art purchases, Anderson often relied on advice from his friend Bertel Hintze, a long-time director of Kunsthalle Helsinki. After Anderson’ death, at Hintze’s initiative, his collection of older art was supplemented with 13 paintings on religious themes.

Part of Anderson’s collection is on display at the Amos Andersons Hem home museum at Yrjönkatu 27 in Helsinki. Anderson’s former summer home, Söderlångvik Manor on Kimitoön, also showcases a selection of works, furniture and other personal items.