Amos Rex


An accessible entrance is situated on the Lasipalatsi (Glass Palace) Square side. You can open the double doors of the accessible entrance automatically by pressing the push button.

You can buy tickets or exchange an advance ticket for the admission sticker at the accessible cashier in the museum shop. If possible, we recommend you to get your tickets online beforehand.

The doors on Mannerheimintie are not accessible: Amos Rex’s main entrance doors are heavy and do not open automatically. The door to the Amos Rex shop on Mannerheimintie is narrow and not automatic. The doors also have small thresholds which are about 25 mm high.

Elevators and stairs

Our two elevators are in the lobby right next to the museum shop’s cash register. They are accessible: the lifts are spacious and the buttons are at an accessible height. The elevator has doors in two directions, so a wheelchair user does not need to reverse to exit.

The staircase leading down to the exhibition level (-1) is wide, white and quite long. There are railings along the walls.

There are no steps or thresholds in the exhibition space. (-1).

Cloakroom and toilets

The museum’s cloakroom (on level -1) is accessible.

The cloakroom’s storage lockers are free to use. They work with a four-digit code of your choice – we recommend you to write yours down or memorize it. Locking the door requires a little finger dexterity. The lighting in the cloakroom is dimmer than anywhere else in the space.

The exhibition level (-1) has unisex toilets in two different compartments, across from the lockers. At the rear of each is one more spacious, accessible toilet cubicle.  There is also an accessible toilet/child-care room next to the lockers.

There are no toilets on the Mannerheimintie street level, where the Amos Rex shop and ticket lobby are located.

Visiting the museum

Information about the exhibitions is always available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Amos Rex’s exhibition space is accessible. The doors between the exhibition spaces open automatically with a motion sensor and there are no thresholds. The lighting in the exhibition spaces varies according to the exhibitions.

Amos Rex does not have an induction loop available.

Amos Rex accepts the EU Disability Card.

You may loan a light wheelchair from the info desk on the exhibition level to use during your visit. Wheelchairs cannot be reserved in advance.

The museum has light, foldable, portable stools. The number of seats in the exhibition space varies. There are benches in the Sigurd Frosterus collection room. There are several benches and seats on the street level.

To ensure the safety of the works, no large bags or backpacks, food or drink or other liquids may be brought into the exhibition space. You may not enter the exhibition space with studded shoes. Ask the staff for more details if necessary.

Amos Rex Shop is accessible, with entrance through an accessible door.

Museum staff

You can identify customer service staff by their light-violet jackets.

Discussion guides are available in the exhibition spaces. You can always ask them for help or ask for more information about the museum, its services or exhibitions.

Personal as­sis­tants and guide dogs

Personal assistants may enter the museum for free. When booking tickets in advance online, select the 0,00 € ticket type.

Guide dogs are welcome.

Ad­di­tion­al in­for­ma­tion

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Bio Rex 

Bio Rex. Photo Tuomas Uusheimo, Amos Rex

Bio Rex

Bio Rex, located upstairs from Amos Rex, is not entirely accessible.

Bio Rex does not have an induction loop available.

Entrance, elevators and stairs

Bio Rex’s entrance is the same as the museum’s main entrance. It is located on the Mannerheimintie side. The doors are heavy and do not open automatically. The door also has a small threshold which is about 2.5 cm high.

An accessible entrance is situated on the Lasipalatsi (Glass Palace) Square side. The accessible entrance’s double doors open automatically when the open button is pushed.

Bio Rex, located on the second floor of the Lasipalatsi, is reached by gently sloping, wide but long staircase. You can find the stairs in the museum ticket hall by the main entrance of Amos Rex. The staircase has handrails in the middle and on the sides.

Bio Rex can be reached with an accessible elevator from the museum lobby, next to the museum shop. After the elevator, there are double doors on the left that are difficult to open. The door also has a small threshold, about 2 cm high. When one of the doors is open, the width of the door opening is about 77 cm. When both doors are open, the width is about 158 ​​cm.

Lobby areas, toilets and terrace

Bio Rex’s lobby has several soft benches and high tables. Some of the benches have backrests.

The only access to Bio Rex’s balcony and boxes in the main hall is via a spiral staircase.

The toilets adjacent to Bio Rex’s foyers are not accessible. There is an accessible toilet on the Lasipalatsi restaurant side of the Bio Rex floor. This toilet is not accessible from the cinema or foyers, because there are doors in between that do not open automatically. It may not always be possible to reach this accessible toilet. When the museum is open, the accessible toilets on the exhibition level (-1) are available to Bio Rex customers.

The door leading out to the Bio Rex terrace has a 6.5-cm threshold. The terrace door is not automatic. The terrace also has a narrow, fixed ramp, which does not however guarantee full accessibility. Leading to the ramp from the terrace door is a passageway that is 96 cm wide. The ramp is 89 cm wide and 220 cm long.

Henry Moore’s sculpture Moon Head is on display in the Bio Rex lobby. When standing, the work is at about eye level, and if seated a bit higher. Access to the sculpture is via the Bio Rex stairs or the accessible lifts, described above.

Bio Rex hall

Bio Rex’s hall has an ascending, terraced auditorium. There are wide, gently rising, low steps on the sides of the auditorium. There is a handrail on the stairs. The auditorium seats are upholstered and have armrests. They are traditional cinema seats, in which the seat part must be folded down.

There is access to the stage of the Bio Rex’ cinema from the doors on the side of Lasipalatsi Square/Mauno Koivisto Square. The doors are not automatic and have small thresholds of 3.5 cm and 3 cm high. A few steps lead to the stage, which can be covered by a ramp. The construction of the ramp must be agreed separately.

Accessible space for wheelchairs is located on row 9, where the hall’s seats are removable and arrangeable. Please contact the event organizer before hand, and we can then ensure everything is ready and set for your visit.

The first door leading into the hall has a small 3-cm threshold, but otherwise access to the hall is unobstructed.


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