Fre­quent­ly Asked Questions

Are you wondering about something related to our tickets, your museum visit or our exhibitions? We’ve gathered some answers to frequently asked questions on this page.


Tickets for Amos Rex are sold both online and at the museum. We recommend purchasing tickets online in advance. This also applies to visitors with the Museum Card and those under age 18 entering the museum for free.

When you have booked a ticket online, please arrive at the museum from the Lasipalatsi Square side, through the accessible entrance. Tickets booked online are checked at this entrance.

Tickets and opening hours.

Book online tickets

Yes, they do, even though everyone under the age of 18 can enter for free.

If your party will arrive at Amos Rex with online tickets, everyone under the age of 18 must also have a ticket from our online ticket shop. Select a children’s ticket (0–17 years) €0.00.

Book tickets

Yes, we accept the Museum Card. You can also buy or renew a Museum Card at Amos Rex. In other words, the museum card does not need to be valid when you book a ticket.

Book online tickets

You can buy or renew a Museum Card at the Amos Rex Shop or the ticket office. Your Museum Card is activated on your first museum visit, not a purchase.

You can purchase a maximum of 6 online tickets per order.

The time you selected may be full. There may still be tickets available for another time or day.

You can also buy tickets at the museum! Tickets are always also sold at the door.

Amos Rex is closed on Tuesdays. See our opening hours and exceptions: Amos Rex’s opening hours

Online tickets are selected for a certain arrival time, which are at 20-minute intervals. An online ticket can be redeemed within 20 minutes of the time indicated on it. For example, you can claim an 11 am ticket between 11:20–11:40.

With an online ticket, you should arrive at the museum from the direction of Kamppi through the door on Lasipalatsi Square. Inside the lobby, there is a separate checkpoint for online tickets. The QR code of your ticket is scanned, and you will receive an admission sticker for the day. If you have booked an online ticket with a Museum Card, the card will be checked there.

Please note: The final hour of the day is an exception, as the museum is closing. During the last hour of the day, your ticket must be picked up no later than 40 minutes before closing time (on weekdays by 7.20 pm, Sat-Sun by 4.20 pm).

Don’t come to the museum if you are ill.

In case of illness, you can change the arrival time of the ticket, or you can get a refund for tickets bought in advance. Send us a message at before the time marked in your ticket.

Yes. Tickets are also sold at the ticket counter at the Mannerheimintie entrance. However, we recommend booking your tickets in advance online to ensure that you visit the museum at the time of your choosing.

Buy tickets

By purchasing an online ticket in advance, you can avoid getting stuck in any possible queues!

Mostly you don’t have to queue to get in, but especially at the end of the ongoing exhibition, you might have to queue a bit to get in. Weekends can get busy, and weekdays are often the most quiet time to visit.

Yes. Amos Rex presents Generation 2023 29 March–20 August 2023 as well as the permanent showing of the Sigurd Frosterus collection.

Visiting Amos Rex

The recommended direction for visiting the Generation 2023 exhibition is from the right edge to the left, as seen from the entrance doors, i.e. counter-clockwise. However, you are free to move in any direction you want.

You may stay as long as you like! There is no restriction on the length of a visit.

Please note: 

The last hour of the day is an exception: guests must leave when the museum closes. The ticket for the last hour of the day must be redeemed no later than 40 minutes before the museum closes (weekdays at 7.20 pm, Sat–Sun by 4.20 pm).

Yes! There is no content that is unsuitable for children in the exhibition, but some works may have a tense atmosphere. Read more detailed content notes here: Exhibition content notes

The Generation 2023 exhibition has many attractive, inviting works but their structures must not be touched, even if you can reach them. Please don’t touch the artwork unless specifically instructed to do so. Please hold children by the hand while visiting the exhibition.

In the Studio Rex art workshop space, you can explore different materials used in contemporary art, and in this space, you may also touch the materials.

Read more on our page for visiting with children:


Photography is allowed without flash in the museum and this exhibition. Please be considerate of other visitors – many may be bothered by the bright light of a phone screen. So please dim your mobile phone screen and remember to turn off the flash even when taking a video.

When taking pictures, please take into account the space around you and other visitors in the exhibition.

Shooting with photography equipment such as a camera tripod, gimbal, lenses, photography lighting or a selfie stick is prohibited without a photography permit.

For photography permits, please contact Amos Rex’s communications department: Marketing and communications contacts


The floor of the exhibition premises is made out of individual wooden blocks. Studded shoes scratch our delicate wooden floor, so please leave studded shoes in the free lockers or in the unguarded cloakroom.

Stilettos must be removed before entering the showroom. We recommend bringing your own indoor slippers but, if necessary, you can borrow blue safety slippers from us for the duration of your visit.

We recommend that you leave the prams along the rear wall of the locker area during your visit. There is a small pram icon on the wall in the area. Please note that strollers must not be left in front of emergency exits. If you bring a small child into the exhibition using a have a strap-on baby carrier, we ask that you carry the child on the front.

Prams may certainly be brought to the museum otherwise, but preferably not heavily laden. The museum also offers strollers to loan. Ask our staff for them, they will be happy to help.

You are not allowed to take large bags or a backpack into the exhibition to ensure the safety of the works. No matter how careful one is, it is possible to accidentally knock something with a big bag. By leaving backpacks and bags in the free lockers, we can prevent situations that endanger the valuable objects in the exhibition.

Small backpacks may not be worn on one’s back in the exhibition, but instead must be worn on the front or carried by hand. If you bring a small child into the exhibition using a have a strap-on baby carrier, we ask that you carry the child on the front.

Read our museum rules.

You may not eat or drink in the exhibition due to the safety of the works. Liquids, food and even fingertip grease are dangerous to valuable objects.

Read our museum rules.

Yes, you may nurse a child in the exhibition space. You can find a quiet space in the Sigurd Frosterus collection hall, so we recommend breastfeeding there, or the Studio Rex art workshop space. There is also a child-care room next to the lockers.

Feeding a baby from a bottle is possible in the Studio Rex art workshop space. Please ask the staff for more information they will be happy to help.

Exhibition information is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Many of our staff also speak other languages, as indicated on their staff badges.

Groups can also book guided tours in French, German, Italian, Spanish or Japanese.

Amos Rex and the Generation 2023 exhibition are accessible.

The accessible entrance to Amos Rex is located on Lasipalatsi Square; the main doors are heavy and are not automatic. The exhibition premises can be reached by an accessible elevator. The doors in the exhibition rooms are automatic and there are no stairs or thresholds in the interior. Accessible toilets are located on exhibition floor (-1).

Amos Rex accepts the EU Disability Card. Personal assistants are admitted free of charge.

More information on the museum’s accessibility: Accessibility.

See also:
Autism-friendly guidelines for visiting Amos Rex
Plan a visit: Exhibition-specific information

You can find more detailed content notes and information about the works in the exhibition on our content notes page: Content notes to support your visit.

We have put together autism-friendly instructions to help plan and anticipate a visit. The description is for anyone who needs more detailed information about, for example, how to get to the museum, who they will meet there and what they will see there. You can also find pictures of our facilities on the pages. Read more: Autism-friendly guidelines.

Guided tours and group visits

We offer groups guided tours, art workshops or shorter guided intros to the Generation 2023 exhibition.

You can book a guided tour or an art workshop for your own group either by filling out the inquiry form on our website or by contacting Amos Rex’s guide reservation by email or phone.

Yes. When planning a self-guided group visit to Amos Rex, book a visit on this page. If the museum is crowded, we give priority to pre-booked groups.

You can also inquire about the time of the visit by contacting the guide booking service:

tel. 09 6844 4633, open Mon, Wed and Thu 1-4 pm

More information about school and preschool visits: Guided tours and art workshops for groups

No, only Amos Rex’s own guides may lead groups at the museum.

For more information:

We currently offer guided tours in English, Finnish, Swedish, and by request in French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

Read more about guided tours: Guided Tours

tel. 09 6844 4633, open Mon, Wed and Thu 1-4 pm

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